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My name is David Mainzer and in the following sections I give a short overview about my work, some of my interests and me.
About me and what I do

Research, Development and Lecturing.

At the moment I am a software developer at Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH and did my doctorate in computer science (computer graphics) at Clausthal University of Technology. I worked in the field of computer graphics under the supervision of Prof. Gabriel Zachmann. My research interests focused on collision detection algorithms in virtual realities, collision handling and many more. Furthermore, I’m very interested in parallel computing using graphics cards.


If you want to know more about my work please follow the link.


Here you can find a list of all my publications with links to the PDFs or the publishers' websites respectively.


In this section I present my lectures and courses that I gave at Clausthal and Nordhausen.

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2017-02-21 12:33:53 Abgas-Skandal: Bayerische Polizei lässt ihre Volkswagen nicht umrüsten (alle sind gleich aber manche sind gleicher)  Link
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2017-02-10 06:26:27 oogle Project Zero: How we cracked Samsung's DoD- and NSA-certified Knox ...  Link
2017-02-08 06:37:09 Neun von zehn Ausländerbehörden können keine Fingerabdrücke nehmen ...  Link
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2017-02-06 07:49:54 RT @AndrewYNg: You know you're a nerd when coolest thing at Superbowl is not the game, ads, or Lady Gaga, but the fleet of autonomous drone…

Computer Graphics


Dr. rer. nat. David Mainzer
About me and what I do